Edward Mangini

Technologist | Architect | Engineering Leadership
devvocates, Consulting CTO

Hello there, I'm Ed!

I'm a technologist, writer, leader, and business enthusiast with a proven track record. I've worked at prestigious companies like Amazon, Oracle, PTC, iRobot, and Thoughtworks. But beyond the logos, what truly enriches my journey is the people I meet along the way.

My situational leadership style, which I adapt to team capabilities and objectives, has consistently optimized team dynamics and productivity. This approach, whether directive or supportive, involves assessing the needs of the team and adjusting my leadership style accordingly. It has proven effective in promoting individual growth and team success.

My playground is the realm of software and innovation. I'm an explorer at heart, constantly pushing boundaries in distributed systems, software platforms, AI, and data science. I thrive on the challenges these frontiers present and love sharing this enthusiasm for peering into the horizon.

I'm just as devoted to guiding businesses with strategic vision as I am to technology. I'm inspired by the potential to transform and reinvent industries to create new possibilities. I don't want to be the sails of the macroenvironment; I want to be the wind.

My commitment to driving meaningful societal change is a core part of my identity. I'm deeply passionate about non-profit initiatives and charitable organizations, particularly those focused on advancing sustainability, literacy, access to education, bridging the digital divide, enhancing government transparency, and fostering economic fairness. These sectors inspire me to make a difference.

I'm dedicated to perpetual learning. I have a BA in music and mathematics and an MBA with concentrations in Strategy, Finance, and Analytics. I'm pursuing an MSc in Computer Science, specializing in Distributed Systems, AI, and ML. Sharing knowledge through teaching and coaching is as rewarding as the time spent obtaining it. And speaking of teaching, I love it so much that I married a teacher!

Outside of the professional realm, I'm a dad, husband, musician, fitness hound, beagle herder, and an enthusiast of the fight sciences. These facets of my life are integral to who I am. They bring balance, joy, and a unique perspective to my work. I believe in the power of a well-rounded life.